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GRE/GMAT/IBA-BBA/IBA-MBA Admission Preparation


In taking preparation for IBA, you can study according to the following structured way. See the structure after carefully scrutinizing the admission tests’ questions. You should knew what you need to study every single day. Some time other people’s study plan would not suit you.
Here the one month preparation idea prior to the admission test:
1. Solve one test from GRE Big Book every day but not everything from here. Math from this book doesn’t come in IBA so eliminate them. See sentence completion and antonyms from the English section and puzzles from analytical section. That was enough.
2. Finish SAT 1500 words and revise 50-60 words daily. Memorized some words from GRE Big Book but do not go for memorizing 3000-4000 words because it wasn’t required for IBA.
3. Study 30 sentence correction problems from Official GMAT Review every day since these problems would help you understand the application of grammatical concepts. Also these types of sentence correction problems frequently came in the admission test. So be pretty serious about it.
4. Practice math from Official GMAT review, Mentors Q. Bank and Saifur’s Math.
5. Watch movies, read story books and online articles, concentrating on sports’ and WWE’s commentary for writing part.
Hope this info would help.

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