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Introduction to SAP

SAP is a Brand. SAP actually a huge company located in Germany that produces software for managing companies specially Big companies. SAP is used by small companies also if they are using it, probably they are going to develop fast. Software that manages companies is called Enterprise Resource Planning shortly ERP. There are a huge collection of ERPs but SAP is the leader of them. In the same way we all know Microsoft is the leader of Operating System. ERP system mostly integrates Finance, Production, Sales and Distribution, Material Management, Human Resources and Controlling. Full name of SAP is System, Application and Products in Data Processing. It is not so much to remember it.
The most popular product of SAP company is SAP ERP which is known as SAP. There are some other products like SAP CRM, SAP PLM, SAP BI, etc.

Future of SAP consultant

If you look at any manufacturing industry whether garments or steel, SAP became kind of the De Facto standard for enterprise application. Because SAP has all the different modules within their system. Even this could be customized varied company to company according to their requirements. In previous days, SAP consultants charged BDT 25 to 40 thousand for end user training. Even that time, people attained the training to grab the job in SAP. SAP is using machine learning, artificial intelligence, Robotic Science, Data Science within their program. What you need to do is to start specializing within SAP modules and become kind of a specialist in one of Modules which you like best. Become like an expert. Then in any situation you will not have a problem of a job. And you will be paid highly for your skills. 

Introduction to SAP FICO

The most often used SAP modules are SAP FICO. Businesses utilize this to manage their financial data. It is a combination of the SAP FI and SAP CO modules. A lot of financial data is produced every day as corporate operations are carried out. Purchases, transactions, and sales orders fall under this category. The application is used in conjunction with SAP ECC.

Two modules make up SAP FICO: SAP Finance (FI) and SAP Controlling (CO). These two modules were created for distinct purposes. Accounting and reporting related to finances are covered by the SAP FI module. The CO module focuses on budgeting and cost tracking. The program is designed to help businesses streamline the financial planning and analysis process. Making smarter financial decisions is aided by all of this.

What we Offer

We provide both Online & Physical training on SAP FICO.

Online Training

BDT 10,000 8 Weeks
  • Qualityful and Renowned Trainer
  • Class Recording will be provided
  • Three (3) Months Server Access
  • Two (2) Instructors throughout the sessions
  • Lifetime support
  • After each session Assistant instructor will follow up
  • Convenient Time Schedule
  • Scholarship Available

Physical Training

BDT 12,000 8 Weeks
  • Qualifyful and Renowned Trainer
  • Two (2) Instructors will lead the Classes
  • One to One based interaction
  • Lifetime support
  • Lifetime free access to next batches
  • A/C Classroom
  • Refreshment will be supplied in all classes
  • Examination & Certification (Verification Available)
  • Scholarship Available

Welcome to SAP Server Access

Learn and practice SAP systems with Bijoy IT & Co. through the latest SAP ECC 6 Server Access which is a Remote Access from anywhere from the world. SAP Online Access is usually provided to practice purpose. We are providing all SAP Modules access which best suits your needs.

Server Pricing

SAP FICO Server Access

TK 1,500 1 Month
  • Full Access for 1 month
  • For End-user & Configuration Purpose
  • GUI files for Windows & Mac
  • Technical Support to install and access to the server
  • 24/7 support
  • Call for Order: 01534593842