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About Zero (0) Cost Learning Program (ZCLP)

About Zero (0) Cost Learning Program (ZCLP) is a certification  program which is designed to spread out & test the knowledge, skills, and abilities required to perform in job sector, and, upon successfully passing a certification exam, declaration of the individual’s professional competence will be awarded. We undertand that for some professions in Bangladesh, certification is a requirement for employment or practice.

Organizing Partners

Bijoy IT & Co. and Corporate WiKi (CW) are committed to work together through the event.

Objectives of this program

Cost of Education is a burden for the people of Bangladesh. Government has some efforts on Educational sector but has no concern for Skill Development of people. In this situation, if the individual professionals who are skilled can share their skills with others, then the problem might be reduced. Under this program, we recruit talent professionals who will volunteer to prepare training materials and all other establishments so that their talents and skills can be shared with so many of enthusiastic youths.

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Focused Contents of this Program